Why We Choose Canvas for Our Training Content

There’s a world of options for learning management systems out there, but we choose to build our courses using Canvas LMS for a number of reasons. Here’s how Canvas helps us continually develop a higher calibre of content.
Canvas allows us to build our courses the way they should be.

So many LMSs limit the capability of both content designers and training organisations for customisation, media, assessments and the layout of course information. We love the flexibility that Canvas offers because it enables us to build courses from the ground up exactly as our training specialists intend. Students can learn and stay motivated through bespoke videos, case studies and clearly structured assessment quizzes. Navigation is easy for everyone involved with clear menus and dashboards.

The platform offers excellent mobile apps for students and trainers.

Canvas has really focused on providing easy access for those learning as well as those training. Students can work through the free Canvas by Instructure app for iOS and Android to access their documents, course content, forums and grades. They can even upload documents directly from their device. Trainers don’t miss out on the portability either, with the ability to communicate, update class details and mark assessments via the Canvas Teacher app.

The interface design is modern and intuitive.

Students and trainers will both be spending a lot of time using their LMS interface to access information and results, and nobody wants to be staring at clunky grey information boxes or getting lost in a barrage of badly designed menus. Canvas is beautifully designed and customisable. We also needed an LMS to keep up with our modern approach to training resources, and with Canvas we haven’t been disappointed. Any compliance updates from our team can be quickly applied and the platform is easy to pick up by any type of user.

Their support helps us to support you.

Canvas is used by over 350 institutions and its knowledge base is extensive. Choosing an LMS with excellent reliability enables our team to concentrate on providing up-to-date compliance and accessible support for you as our clients.

The Canvas team is constantly improving functionality within the system, which also continually opens up options for new engaging course content that’s current and relevant to the appropriate industry.

Raring to give Learning Vault a go to experience how our content integrates well with Canvas?

Contact our team to access a pre-loaded demo account and see how easy the platform and content really is to use.

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