Why Purchase RTO Content Rather Than Creating Your Own?

Let’s face it – it is incredibly costly and time consuming to create your own RTO course content. You don’t only need to cover everything in your course structure; you also need to make sure it’s engaging and of course, compliant! The smartest move is to find a reputable provider of RTO course material, and the advantages become clear very quickly…

Purchasing course content will save you time (and money)

Depending on the size and scale of your RTO, developing your own course material can often take one or two dedicated full-time staff. Either that, or your team needs to work overtime to keep it all up to date. Who has that kind of time (or the overheads) to spare? Our course content scales perfectly with your student base making it incredibly cost-effective at any size, so your staff’s expertise can be put to better use teaching.

The content is likely to be of a higher calibre

Teaching does and should come first, so it’s only natural that you can’t devote all your energy into refining your learning resources. RTO course companies like Learning Vault exist purely to craft fresh and engaging course content, so we’ve become pretty darn good at it. We use the latest research on study techniques to break information into structured sections with truly interesting video and interactive content, plus real-world case examples.

Your content is always compliant and current

The detailed requirements for RTO compliance are there for good reason, but they also take up a LOT of time when it comes to checking and refining content. When you find the right RTO material provider (such as us), you can handball all of those concerns over to an expert team that constantly updates content so it’s compliant. Plus, if you choose the right platform (like ours), your assessment, administration and support system is built into one invaluable system making compliance as easy and efficient as possible.

You can be up and running much faster

Whether you’re a new RTO in the early stages of developing your courses or are looking to refresh your study resources, you wouldn’t believe how long it can take to research and develop even basic course content. On top of this, you’d need to research and customise a platform and check over everything for compliance. Or, you could access a proven system and framework and be up and running within 7 days. We know which option we’d choose!

Someone always has your back

Have questions, concerns or feedback? You’ll want to be working with a team who has the time and the inclination to actually refine and improve important features, as well as providing useful training to keep your entire team up to speed on your course platform. With the right provider, you’ll have all of this and more with ongoing support.

If you’re ready to check out the fantastic quality and accessibility of Learning Vault resources, give us a call.

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