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Why Learning Vault?

Learning Vault gives your training organisation:

  • Rich and engaging content within an intuitive platform
  • Stress-free compliance and audit trails
  • Faster marking and administration
  • Automatic updates and reliable support.

Learning Vault gives your students:

  • Round-the-clock access to industry-leading education
  • High quality curriculum and engaging learning materials
  • Instant and easy collaboration with other students
  • Easy access to one-on-one advice and support.

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Stress-free compliance

Learning Vault is here to focus on compliance so you can do what you love most – teach! The system is automatically updated so you’re always compliant and current. Our tools are built to ensure you can conduct effective assessment, meeting the requirements of Clause 1.8 of the Standards for RTOs 2015. These are mapped down to the following criteria:

  • Elements and Performance Criteria
  • Performance Evidence (with a focus on the application of skills)
  • Knowledge Evidence (with a focus on assessing knowledge and theoretical understanding)
  • Foundation Skills
  • Assessment Conditions

We provide extensive mapping of both learning and assessment content based on these criteria.

Rigorous validation

Learning Vault tools undergo robust validation processes prior to release to ensure all requirements are addressed validly, sufficiently and reliably. All content is reviewed by qualified industry representatives and experts from the VET sector. We also provide you with our validation documents for your own compliance records, ensuring 100% of Learning Vault resources meet the requirements of Clause 1.10-11.

Streamlined assessment

Marking is a breeze with our carefully developed marking rubric, unique to the VET sector that allows you to consistently and efficiently evaluate student work. From a compliance point of view, our rubric system ensures:

  • Consistency in assessment through clear benchmarks and guidance
  • Moderation for assessors
  • Systematic validation of assessment for every student submission
  • That benchmarks are clear, leading to a higher work standard and greater student satisfaction.

A platform that’s a pleasure to use

You and your students access content through the intuitive Canvas platform that makes it simple to teach, assess and provide two-way feedback to students via text, email, LinkedIn or Facebook (to name a few!). Each student activity and every interaction is automatically logged for compliance. Plus, you’re never more than a phone call away from expert assistance.

Learning Vault is ideal for 20 or 20,000+ students. View package options or contact our helpful team for an obligation-free demo.