Why is Case Study Learning so Effective?

Here at Learning Vault we’re a big believer in the saying that experience makes the best trainer. It’s why we choose content developers who have years of expertise in their industry to join our team, and it’s also why we choose to use case studies as a common feature within our training content. These are just some of the reasons case studies make for effective learning.

Case studies are simply more interesting than reading an entire textbook

Traditional learning methods might provide lengthy texts that are highly informative but also incredibly dull. Would you rather read about the best practices of customer service from a 1990 textbook, or would you rather place yourself in the shoes of a small business owner faced with a common customer service challenge? We find that a challenge like this makes it so much easier for students to absorb the information and skills they need to learn.

Not everybody learns the same way  

Some students learn very effectively through reading text, but not everyone learns best like this. Applying a real-world situation to a learning objective enables students to approach a concept in a new way and reinforce what they may have glossed over in a textbook environment. Feedback from a case study short answer assessment helps both trainers and students to understand how well the student has retained what they need to know.

It helps to emotionally connect a student with a problem or objective

Whether we’re talking about a business, leadership and management or retail course, these skills and lessons apply to real people rather than simple theory. A case study places the student directly into the mind of a business owner or office manager so they can better understand the relationships, challenges and opportunities that that person will experience.

It prepares students for the workforce

In a real office or business scenario students won’t have hours to research and compile a detailed response to a customer complaint or a demanding deadline. Our case studies help students adapt to thinking on their feet and applying their newfound knowledge and skills in a realistic scenario. Think of it as building muscle memory for conflict and goal management. They will develop critical thinking skills, interpersonal skills and leadership skills that can all be used and built on once they gain their qualification.

Interested to see how our case studies work within our learning content structures? Get in touch with the Learning Vault team and request a demo today.

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