VET FEE-HELP is a student loan funded by the Commonwealth Government to assist eligible students in Diploma level and above courses. VET FEE-HELP provides you with the option of either deferring all of your tuition fees; or paying some of your tuition fees upfront and deferring the balance. The Commonwealth Government applies a 20% loan fee to the amount of VET FEE-HELP assistance provided.

Students commence repaying this loan through the taxation system once their income is over the minimum threshold for repayments. For the 2015 – 2016 year, this threshold is $54,126.00. It should be noted that we’re confident that as a student of M College, your qualification will assist you in securing a career with a salary in excess of this threshold and you will therefore commence repaying this loan.

Income each year before tax* Repayment %*
Up to $54,126.00 $0.00
$54,126 – $60,292 4.0%
$60,293 – $66,456 4.5%
$66,457 – $69,949 5.0%

*This table is taken from the Study Assist website and is used as an indication only. Annual repayment percentages increase with annual salary amounts up to $100,520 and above with a re-payment rate of 8.0% per annum.

Eligibility, fees and charges

Eligibility for VET FEE-HELP will depend on your individual circumstances. You can read about eligibility for VET FEE-HELP over on the Australian Government’s StudyAssist website.

You will be required to provide your Tax File Number on your ‘Request for VET FEE-HELP Assistance’ form if you are applying for VET FEE-HELP. If you don’t yet have one, you can apply for a Tax File Number with the ATO. Upon application the ATO will issue you with a “Certificate of Application for a TFN”, valid for 21 days from the issue date. You should receive your Tax File Number within this time.

No application fees are charged for requesting VET FEE-HELP assistance. A 20% loan fee applies to full fee-paying students receiving VET FEE-HELP assistance. The loan fee is included in your VET FEE-HELP debt and will not decrease your FEE-HELP loan limit.

No interest is charged to your VET FEE-HELP debt, however, your debt is indexed annually by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) to maintain its real value. If you do not have a Tax File Number (TFN) you can request one from the Australian Taxation Office.

Course fees can be found under each qualification in our ‘courses’ page as well as in the ‘course calendar’ in the ‘start dates’ section of our website.

Withdrawing from a VET unit or course of study

Students of M College who wish to withdraw from a VET unit of study or VET course of study must do so in writing. Students must include name, course and reason for cancelling. All cancellations must be emailed to In the event of a student withdrawing from a VET unit of study or VET course of study on or before the census date:

  • 100% of tuition fees paid for that unit will be refunded to the student; and/or
  • The student will not incur a VET FEE-HELP debt.

In the event of a student withdrawing from a VET unit of study or VET course of study after census date:

  • No refund is applicable; and/or
  • The student will incur a VET FEE-HELP debt.

Got any questions?

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