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Luke Hutton

Posted 20th June 2016 admin

Luke has an extensive background in managing people and business processes.

He has worked for years across diverse industries, built on a university education in Business & Management.

Luke has an impressive track record of management, having overseen departments of up to 50 people in the past. He has decades of experience in luxury hotel management and customer service roles, so can provide invaluable insights into this area of business amongst others. Luke has also developed departmental performance standards and strategic project management to overhaul operational structures within companies.

Luke and Learning Vault

At Learning Vault I enjoy developing content centred around people and performance management, effective operational planning and risk analysis, customer service and information systems management.

What you might not know about Luke…

I love watching movies – some might say it could be an issue! My favourite movie is Red Dragon, which I’ve seen over 70 times. I saw Avatar 12 days in a row at the cinema when it first came out, and the Dark Knight nine days in a row. I quote movies all the time in the office…this may or may not be a good thing!