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Karina Webb

Posted 20th June 2016 admin

Karina has a wealth of business and education experience and lives for creating “ah ha!” moments.

Having attained both her trainer and assessor qualifications and business credentials to nationally recognised standards, Karina considers herself a life-long learner. She has been in the education scene for many years, as she loves to see people grow in knowledge and excel at learning new skills. She believes we never get to the end of the learning journey – and that’s half the fun.

Karina is also a busy mum who understands what it takes to juggle family, work, friends, commitments and life….but she wouldn’t change a thing!

Katrina and Learning Vault

One of my favourite things about this job is helping design content to make the penny drop for students. The moment when all their effort to learn something new comes together, and they can understand the relevance and application of it – that moment makes everything I do worthwhile. And the best part? I get paid for what I love to do.

What you might not know about Katrina…

I once went ice-swimming in Finland in the middle of winter in a freeezing lake. I stayed in as long as this Finnish girl and thought nothing of it, until I got inside the sauna and my Finnish friend asked me if I was training for a special event. It turns out the other girl was a national champion and in the middle of a training session!