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Andy Pearce

Posted 20th June 2016 admin

Andy Pearce is a management extraordinaire with an absolute passion for knowledge.

He has a broad range of educational and management experience, having studied a Bachelor of Behavioural Health Science, Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and a Masters of Teaching.

Andy has been educating students for his entire professional life. He previously owned and ran his own tutoring business, through which he taught a great number of students of all ages and developed the fundamentals of management. These management skills were further refined in a management position in the education industry where he oversaw over 100 staff. He loves learning as much as he loves teaching, and he’d like to continue to absorb as much knowledge as possible!

Andy and Learning Vault

I love writing content that enables a student to understand a concept for the first time – that “ah ha!” moment. Further to that, I love hearing how clients’ students are using their qualifications for success. Learning Vault is a brilliant opportunity to help every student as a person, a student and a future success story.

What you might not know about Andy…

I must apologise for any nerdy reference I make in advance; history and any of the sciences are my passion. I spend my days off either engrossed in an historical novel (picking out the inaccuracies) or reading scientific articles.