Supporting Institutes

Trying to make life a little easier...

Education should be innovative and engaging, and with Learning Vault, that’s exactly what it is. 

We’re part of the new breed of higher education; supporting modern RTOs across Australia with fully compliant, hand-crafted course content.

With Learning Vault there is complete flexibility; teach your own way using digital textbooks, online video lectures, forums and mobile accessibility. 

You’ll get assistance and updates from an experienced and qualified team, as well as the option of customised branding to make your mark. 

Training and support

All training is included & ongoing with Learning Vault. Once your branded LMS is active, training can commence. We offer face-to-face workshops, training webinars and telephone support.

At Learning Vault, we understand that technology does not come naturally to everyone, which is why our training and technical support is ongoing and can be delivered to best support your institute; this could be repeat sessions for staff needing extra support, training of a new team member or training in customisation tools to enhance your delivery.

We want all of our clients to get the most out of the platform and problem solve together for better, faster and more cost-effective solutions that our online platform offers.

Our old friend compliance...

Learning Vault is here to focus on compliance, so you can do what you love most – teach! 

Utilising the awesome power of our LMS all your learner progress is tracked, trainer/learner engagement captured, and all assessment evidence is securely housed in one place, accessible from any device, any time, anywhere. 

The Learning Vault content is automatically updated so you’re always compliant and current. Our tools are built to ensure you can conduct effective assessment, meeting the requirements of Clause 1.8 of the Standards for RTOs 2015. These are mapped down to the following criteria:

  • Elements and Performance Criteria
  • Performance Evidence (with a focus on the application of skills)
  • Knowledge Evidence (with a focus on assessing knowledge and theoretical understanding)
  • Foundation Skills
  • Assessment Conditions

We provide extensive mapping of both learning and assessment content based on these criteria.

Rigorous validation

Learning Vault tools undergo robust validation processes prior to release to ensure all requirements are addressed validly, sufficiently and reliably. All content is reviewed by qualified industry representatives and experts from the VET sector. We also provide you with our validation documents for your own compliance records, ensuring 100% of Learning Vault resources meet the requirements of Clause 1.10-11.