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Clients who use our content

“Learning Vault Digital online resources were brought to my attention for consideration in late 2017.

During my in-depth inspection I was delighted to discover the high quality of the Learning Vault BSB online digital resources; as academic tools and engaging content. I especially noted the added value of immersive simulated assessments which are all mapped and fully cover the needs of the training package, but are able to be contextualised to suit the RTO’s needs.

Once Pacific Training had completed its validation of the Learning Vault resources, we did not hesitate to engage with them; using their outstanding fully branded Canvas LMS in which the online resources are able to be used. (Editor’s note, Learning Vault can also SCORM into an LMS of the RTO’s choosing)

Pacific Training have found the Learning Vault resources with their continuous after sales service to be exemplary. I make no hesitation in recommending Learning Vault to the Education industry as the outstanding digital resource provider in quality and professionalism.”

- Garry Stokes, Academic Director - Pacific Training Group

“Finding learning content of this caliber in our current education climate is a rare thing. Learning Vault has created fresh and engaging content that is comprehensive for our students, whilst also being very easy to manage from an operations perspective.On their platform, we can easily track our students’ online activity and assessment progress which allows for easy follow-up and support. It helps us provide our students with the level of education they expect and deserve.”

- Penny, Compliance Manager

“I am very pleased with the difference that the new resources and tools from [Learning Vault] have made to our student progress and completions.The short, crisp session deliveries make it easy for students to tick off little bits at a time without having to sit down for hours on end to get anything done. This structure makes it very easy to mark and provide feedback as well.”

- Emily, Training Supervisor

“Learning Vault resources have provided us with the whole kit! Aside from impressive modules and unit content, their assessment suites, marking rubrics, answer guides and curriculum mapping are some of the most detailed and well thought-out I have seen.Tools and value like this cannot be underestimated in today’s education industry.”

- Anthony, Managing Director

“Their stuff is really good, good depth without too much unnecessary waffle, really tight assessment tools with comprehensive mapping. Disappointed they don’t have more quals!.”

- Sharon, Compliance Manager

“I was surprised with how easy their content was to use and how quickly we were able to implement training packages with our trainers. We found that our students moved quickly through the content whilst ensuring a greater depth of knowledge you would expect from a face-to-face lesson. We were able to better track the progression and the learning journey of our students than ever before. We have loved using the Learning Vault and would recommend it to anyone.”

- Vivian, Training Operations

“I absolutely love how students get so engaged and we can have such easy 2 way communications via text and on the system. Great stuff guys.”

- Daniel, Trainer and Assessor

“The look of the content is really fresh and appeals to the modern learner. Their learning content is broken into small, logical and easily manageable chunks of knowledge that a student can easily get their heads around. As a trainer, I loved the way that you could track and encourage your students as they work towards the goal of completion.”

- Francesco, Facilitation Expert

Graduates who studied using Learning Vault's resources

Heather Campbell // Diploma of Business BSB50215

Hi my name is Heather Campbell, I work full time and was looking to start my own business but I was worried I didn’t have the skills that I would need to do it. After looking around for online education I was concerned that it wouldn’t be right for me.

That’s when I took the Diploma of Business, the online course fit into my hectic schedule because the units were split into small sections that I could complete on my lunch break and on the bus. I had help whenever I needed it. Now I am looking forward to opening my own drama school with the skills I have learnt and confidence I have gained through the course.

Jack Hunter // Diploma of Leadership and Management BSB51915

‘I found the online platform comprehensive and easy to navigate. I felt that the content was easy to follow and very informative.

I really liked that I could use what I had learnt in an online business that was built for the course – it was also great getting texts and Facebook messages from my trainers’