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Vocational Education should be about giving students real skills to begin real careers, offering them the latest industry expertise in a way that inspires and prepares them for the real world. With Learning Vault resources, you get exactly that.

Smart unit structures for smoother learning

At Learning Vault we’ve structured each unit holistically, with all the elements required to help the students gain a firm grasp on the invaluable concepts and tools they’ll need to succeed.

Accessible study and support

Learning Vault courses are broken into bite-sized sections of engaging content – perfect for students to view on phones or tablets during their lunch break or on a commute. Students can access regular support from your lecturers, study advisers and other tutors through our online platform with forums and internal messaging.

Learner engagement

Great course content enables high completion rates, learner satisfaction and profitability for RTOs. All our courses are built around a simulated growing business that provides experiences, insight and development of personal skills as the course progresses. These, of course, lead to tangible advantages in the real world.

Portable potential

Technology transforms the learning process. We make it easy for students to learn effectively wherever they are – be that on their computer, behind a desk or on their iPhone – so they can contribute to a discussion or watch the latest lecture on the go. Our content is powered by the world-class Canvas LMS, offering the ultimate in mobility and rich media.

University credit friendly

Learning Vault content is carefully validated and updated to keep you fully compliant. This means that with our resources and your own excellent teaching staff, your students will have every opportunity for further study options. Students can choose to transition into further education as second year students in many bachelor degree programs.

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