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The Problem with
Paper-based Certificates

Paper-based qualifications pose potential problems for all involved parties: the learner, the educational institution and any potential employer looking to verify the qualification of an individual.

Let’s look at the problems that each of these groups face:

Take Luc as an example. He has just earned a Certificate IV in Leadership & Management, which was given to him as a print-out by ABC Business School – the RTO where he obtained it – as well as emailed through to him in the form of a pdf.
Unfortunately, just a couple of years later, Luc has lost the physical, printed certificate, and can’t for the life of him find the email containing the pdf certificate.
Luc needs to get his certificate re-issued but is having difficulty finding the right person at the training organisation to re-issue it. Once he does find the right person, Luc’s told he needs to pay a $25 fee for the re-issuance!

ABC Business School has just graduated Luc’s Business Course students, and knows it must dedicate time creating pdf certificates for each individual student, printing all of the certificates out, posting them out, as well as emailing them to each student. The School issues about 500 per year, and the process costs the school about $12,500 and takes about 9 days of an administrator’s (accumulated) time to complete.

In the years after the graduation of each student, about 9% of the students will inevitably get in contact with the school, asking for their certificate to be reissued as it has been lost or damaged.

ABC Business School first needs to verify that the student actually earned their certification, pull up the qualification, reprint it, physically post it out, as well as email it to the student.

The reissuance of certificates adds an additional expenditure and resourcing burden on the school.

Luc is applying for a role with ACME Corporation and the business’s HR team is at the stage where it’s verifying candidate credentials. The HR Manager requests that Luc either provide a JP certified hard copy of the certificate, or email it through.
Luc sends it through. Now the HR Manager spends time contacting ABC Business School to verify that his qualification is legitimate.
Employers need to verify the certificate. They either receive hard-to-read photocopies or damaged pieces of paper. They then need to check if the qualification is out-of-date, and know that there are strict requirements around information on accredited Statement of Attainments or Certificates.

The Solution

QVault is a digital solution for the issuing of qualifications and certificates. 100% online, secure and verifiable.

How QVault fixes the certificate issuing process:

Learners have credentials stored in one place:

  • Learners have lifelong, secure and online access to their qualifications
  • All of their earned credentials sit in one place: their QVault backpack
  • No more having to get lost or damaged certificates re-issued.

RTOs save time and money:

  • QVault integrates with leading student management systems, meaning the RTO can generate and issue certificates within a matter of minutes
  • The certificate templates are YOUR templates, meaning there is no layout time trying to change or alter your existing, beautiful certificate
  • There is no longer a need to re-issue certificates to students years after they have graduated. All certificates remain with the student, stored in their ‘backpack’, with all of the credentials or badges that they earn in one place
  • All information required by the AQF for the issuance of Testamurs, Statements of Attainment and Qualification is pre-built into the template, so your certificates and SOAs are all compliant
  • Issuing certificates and SOAs via QVault is just $7.50 per certificate. A huge saving on the $20 – $50 per certificate when issued manually (not to mention manual labour!)

Potential Employers access verified credentials:

  • Employers simply use a link to verify the validity of the credential in real-time, using QVault’s in-built verification structure
  • Employers can have confidence in the legitimacy of the certificate, with forgeries not an option.

Australia’s first online certificate issuing technology

  Integrates with JobReady and other leading student management systems;

  Customisable with your RTO’s brand and certificate style, cutting out the time needed to design certificates;

  Share to 179+ social platforms, giving your RTO increased brand awareness, and attracting prospective students.

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