• Luke Hutton

    // Director of Sales

    Luke has an extensive background in managing people and business processes.

    He has worked for years across diverse industries, built on a university education in Business & Management.

    Luke has an impressive track record of management, having overseen departments of up to 50 people in the past. He has decades of experience in luxury hotel management and customer service roles, so can provide invaluable insights into this area of business amongst others. Luke has also developed departmental performance standards and strategic project management to overhaul operational structures within companies.

    Luke and Learning Vault

    At Learning Vault I enjoy developing content centred around people and performance management, effective operational planning and risk analysis, customer service and information systems management.

    What you might not know about Luke…

    I love watching movies – some might say it could be an issue! My favourite movie is Red Dragon, which I’ve seen over 70 times. I saw Avatar 12 days in a row at the cinema when it first came out, and the Dark Knight nine days in a row. I quote movies all the time in the office…this may or may not be a good thing!

  • Nicholas Robert

    // Director of Operations

    Nicholas Robert is a founder of Learning Vault and loves helping students take charge of their future.

    Nicholas has an intimate understanding of business, management and education, including a full awareness of issues surrounding strategic direction, quality management, continuous improvement, profitability and long-term success.

    With experience in marketing at a regional level (Australia, New Zealand & French Polynesia) as well as at a site-specific level, he can offer a holistic understanding of the importance of marketing and how each role affects the overall operation of the business. This holistic approach extends far beyond the corporate sector and into any industry, as the fundamental operation of business is to ensure client satisfaction and retention which in turn maximises profitability.

    Nicholas and Learning Vault

    I believe completely and unequivocally in people management. ‘Managers’ who don’t actually know how to manage really frustrate me! On the other hand, nothing makes me happier than a client telling me their students are going above and beyond with promotions and milestones in the business world. This is the very reason Learning Vault was created.

    What you might not know about Nicholas…

    I really enjoy watching a good TV series and have been known to get a little wrapped up in shows. I’m a massive fan of Suits, Elementary, Sherlock Holmes and of course – the X-Files!

  • Karina Webb

    // Compliance Manager

    Karina has a wealth of business and education experience and lives for creating “ah ha!” moments.

    Having attained both her trainer and assessor qualifications and business credentials to nationally recognised standards, Karina considers herself a life-long learner. She has been in the education scene for many years, as she loves to see people grow in knowledge and excel at learning new skills. She believes we never get to the end of the learning journey – and that’s half the fun.

    Karina is also a busy mum who understands what it takes to juggle family, work, friends, commitments and life….but she wouldn’t change a thing!

    Katrina and Learning Vault

    One of my favourite things about this job is helping design content to make the penny drop for students. The moment when all their effort to learn something new comes together, and they can understand the relevance and application of it – that moment makes everything I do worthwhile. And the best part? I get paid for what I love to do.

    What you might not know about Katrina…

    I once went ice-swimming in Finland in the middle of winter in a freeezing lake. I stayed in as long as this Finnish girl and thought nothing of it, until I got inside the sauna and my Finnish friend asked me if I was training for a special event. It turns out the other girl was a national champion and in the middle of a training session!

  • Coleen Rivas

    // Managing Director

    Coleen Rivas is a trailblazer within business and management education.

    She has worked in management roles within the training and employment sector since 1992 and within the VET sector including TAFE since 2001. What Coleen doesn’t know about training and education isn’t worth knowing! Recently, she sold her own highly successful RTO in which she had been hands-on in every aspect of the business including training packages, validation and professional development. This organisation held multiple Government contracts and delivered training Nationally. As a result, she brings a phenomenal amount of expertise and experience to Learning Vault to help us deliver world-class business and management content.

    Coleen and Learning Vault

    We have the most amazing team of smart and vibrant people, and everyone is committed to the same goal of creating fun, engaging and compliant content. Our team is made up of talented individuals who work together, sharing one vision, and producing a product that we all passionately believe in. Working at the Learning Vault is more than a job – it’s a vocation.

    What you might not know about Coleen…

    I have the travel bug. If I’m not spending time with my family I’ll be reading travel novels, blogs and guides. I’ll photograph anything, but I particularly love adding new travel and street photography to my portfolio.

  • Andy Pearce

    // Creative Director

    Andy Pearce is a management extraordinaire with an absolute passion for knowledge.

    He has a broad range of educational and management experience, having studied a Bachelor of Behavioural Health Science, Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and a Masters of Teaching.

    Andy has been educating students for his entire professional life. He previously owned and ran his own tutoring business, through which he taught a great number of students of all ages and developed the fundamentals of management. These management skills were further refined in a management position in the education industry where he oversaw over 100 staff. He loves learning as much as he loves teaching, and he’d like to continue to absorb as much knowledge as possible!

    Andy and Learning Vault

    I love writing content that enables a student to understand a concept for the first time – that “ah ha!” moment. Further to that, I love hearing how clients’ students are using their qualifications for success. Learning Vault is a brilliant opportunity to help every student as a person, a student and a future success story.

    What you might not know about Andy…

    I must apologise for any nerdy reference I make in advance; history and any of the sciences are my passion. I spend my days off either engrossed in an historical novel (picking out the inaccuracies) or reading scientific articles.

Our Team

A development team with real industry knowledge

You’ll find that teaching with Learning Vault feels like second nature. That’s because our content is crafted by VET professionals with extensive experience in the design and development of learning and assessment resources. Our hand-picked development team members hold numerous qualifications in education, design and development plus vocational education and training. All have the currency and competency requirements for the qualifications we resource, and many of us have direct backgrounds in RTO management.

The benefit is that whether you’re teaching builders, IT consultants or executive assistants, information is structured in a way that makes sense to both your staff and their students.

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