We’re always looking for innovative ways to empower the workforce of now - and the future.

Digital Badging and Micro-Credentialing provide a real opportunity to tap into changing behaviours and guide individuals into – and shape the learning required for –  their dream career..

What are Micro-Credentials?

A micro-credential is a certification of assessed learning that is complementary to, or a component of, knowledge or skill. Effectively, a bite-sized chunk of a full-blown skill or credential – hence the ‘micro’ component.

What are Digital Badges?

We help issue ‘digital badges’ for the achievement of each micro-credential. Being digitally native, these badges lend themselves to appearing more easily on CVs, LinkedIn pages and more. Making the individuals’ credentials more visible, valuable and verifiable.


How the Process Works with Learning Vault

We extract the core skills from the desired proficiency and transform them into micro-credentials. This ensures organisations and individuals have a defined criterion against their digitally badged, niched knowledge or skills.

On completion, students are awarded a Digital Badge, which they proudly shows off to their industry associations, current and prospective employers. This may also allow students to retain membership to associations, or apply for opportunities where they didn’t previously have proof of a certain skill!

By nature we are all hungry to develop, grow and learn. With our micro-credentials platform, we are never short of new things to learn, skill up on or train for. And best of all, our digital platform acknowledges your education and provides you with the recognition required to achieve your dream.

To find out more or learn about Learning Vault’s Micro-Credential and Digital badge offerings, please enquire below.