How to Ease Your Staff’s Transition to New RTO Content

Chances are, as soon as you announce you’ll be making a move to modern RTO resources your staff will sigh in relief. Content curation can be one of the more fiddly and frustrating aspects of running a training organisation, and the idea of never needing to worry about compliance again will be a welcome change. Still, it can take some adjustment to get used to any new system. Here’s how to smooth out your staff’s transition to your brand new training resources.

• Familiarise your staff with the new resources as soon as possible

This involves getting organised early! We can have customised platforms up and running within the week, but ensure you give your trainers and assessors enough time before a course begins so they can get used to the content structure, messaging tools and interface. The good news is that it’s all incredibly intuitive and straightforward to pick up with Learning Vault.

• Schedule team training

Having a detailed run-down of the platform through group training will ensure your team knows how to get the most out of your resources and feedback tools. We can travel to your location to provide onsite training and bulk updates, so get in touch with our support team and we can schedule this in.

• Tell them they’ll never have to worry about compliance again

Yep, compliance is a pain to keep on top of. That’s why we do it for you. Our streamlined system and analysis tools map all required information and makes sure data is correctly cross-referenced, so your team can get on with doing their individual jobs while feeling confident that the important requirements are being met.

• Change branding to make it feel like theirs

This is a simple and quick way to give trainers and assessors ownership over their training platform. For every package over 250 students we provide the option to change colours, branding and the platform URL, so your team will feel right at home in their training environment.

• Explain the benefits of easier marking

With a detailed point-and-click assessment rubric structure, marking and providing feedback to students will be easier than ever. One of the aspects we really love about offering our content through our LMS platform is that training staff get access to its free teacher app, which enables trainers and assessors to mark, communicate and update details on their mobile device.

We’re confident that once you and your team start using our resources you’ll wonder why it took so long to make the change. To get set up with Learning Vault and arrange training for your team, get in touch today.

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