How to Boost Student Completion Rates in Training Organisations

We all love seeing students make the most of their studies, and there’s nothing more rewarding than hearing about their latest promotions and self-started businesses. Here’s how to help your students stay motivated and see their course through to full completion with carefully designed RTO materials.

Give them a taste for the real world

Theory is all well and good, but real world relevance is critical to student progress. As one example, we include a simulated business case study in our business diploma course. Students learn applicable skills as they follow the success and lessons of this example organisation, so they feel prepared and capable upon graduation.

Make it easy to catch lectures in lunch breaks

Students are working, caring for kids and attending to their other obligations in between learning how to take on the business world. According to the Journal of Applied Psychology, breaking up educational content (known as microlearning) can improve knowledge transfer by up to an impressive 17%. A course that’s arranged in 15 minute sections with a clear structure ensures students can pick up and retain critical skills, even if they’re waiting in line for the bus.

Keep things interesting and interactive

Traditional online course content is truly yawn-inducing, so it’s no wonder students have trouble getting through months of it. Video content is proven to deepen students’ understanding and increase motivation, and that increases more so with an element of interactivity. Keep them engaged and you’ll keep them on the path to successful course completion.

Provide unlimited access to study materials

Mobile access to learning resources is an absolute must-have for RTOs in 2017. In one Merrill Lynch case study mobile learning saw a 12% higher completion rate compared to desktop-only study. As well as making your course content available across smartphones, desktops and tablets, it’s also imperative to cater for the night owls, the afternoon scholars and the early risers. Choose a course platform that enables students to log in, collaborate and communicate 24/7, and you’ll provide the perfect environment for flexible, attainable education.

Provide an avenue for feedback (and actually use it)

If there’s something that isn’t quite working for an education provider, students will usually pick up on it first. Make sure there are plenty of ways for your students to send any compliments or concerns to your team, ideally through a central online platform that keeps everything in one place. Then, take the time to absorb, find insights and improve on your offering to maximise student satisfaction and completion rates.

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