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  • What’s included in a licence?

    Every Learning Vault licence comes with all of the online content and video lectures you need for a comprehensive and in-depth course: our custom built marking framework, ongoing updates for compliance and content, plus access to helpful support when you need it. Premium licences also come with the option of complete customised branding on the system. Read more

  • How soon can I get up and running?

    We know you’re raring to get started, which is why we have all platforms ready within 7 days of coming on board with Learning Vault.

  • Will you provide resources for other courses?

    Learning Vault is constantly working on exciting new content. Stay tuned for additional course options in the near future or talk with us about your learning resource needs.

  • Sounds great! How do I access Learning Vault?

    If you’re ready to get started or would like a personalised demo, speak to our team now on 1300 662 443.

  • Sep

    Making the Most of Your LMS Analytics

    One of the main benefits of utilising online assessments is that you can take advantage of automated analytical tools to refine your services and identify any potential issues. Within your Learning Vaul...

  • Aug

    Do Millennials Really Learn Differently?

    The results are in and yes, Millennials learn differently! Those aged 18-32 most likely make up a large proportion of yo...

  • Aug

    Why Branding Matters for RTOs

    Chances are you know exactly how important it is to present a strong brand for your registered training organisation within a highly competitive market, but why exactly is this the case? Why...

  • Aug

    A Study of the Online Learning Experience

    The online study experience can be quite different to a lecture theatre or college campus, both offering some advantages and some disadvantages over a physical learning environment. We take note of stud...

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