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What are Digital Badges?

Digital badges are a virtual acknowledgement of an earned credential, demonstrated skill or professional achievement, along with many other uses. Every badge earner has a portfolio (known as a ‘backpack’) of evidence with each awarded badge, backed by machine-readable metadata.

Digital badges are portable, sharable and most importantly, verifiable.

How do they work?

For employers, these digital badges provide a verifiable source of truth for a prospective employee’s achievement.  

For earners and learners, these badges are easy to share on professional profiles like LinkedIn , and hyperlink in resumes.

For educators, the benefits are very rich in brand exposure through sharing and click-through functionality, directing the prospective student from the badge to an enrolment.

How the Process Works with Learning Vault


Every credential holds within it data that relates to the achievement – or activity – of the recipient. Being able to verify in real-time, through Australian servers, what a badge holder has achieved, when and by which organisation. This means that the credibility of the award or credential is maintained.

Drive More Growth

Every achievement is an opportunity for viral growth, as badges can be shared through social media by the recipient. Badges help you ensure that more achievements are shared and promoted.

Generate Valuable Data

Credentialed programs generate more detailed and frequent data points to help you make better decisions.

Increased Visibility

Credentialed professional development programs allow people to actually review what was required for the credential to be awarded – whether that be a 2-hour course on ethics or a 12-month program on leadership. The power of visibility means that achievements are valued.


Housed on Australian servers, by an Australian owned and operated edutech company.

Safeguard Credibility

The issuing company has full control over the digital badges issued, including: badges auto-expiring or the functionality to revoke badges from earners who no longer meet the requirements under which the badge was originally awarded.

How can digital badges help my organisation?

Accreditation Management

  • Professional Development
  • Higher education
  • Vocational education
  • Compliance management


  • Expiration of credential
  • Verification of credential
  • Revocation of credential
  • Certification tracking
  • Transcript/resulting on certification

Employee Recognition

  • Peer-to-peer recognition
  • Manager-to-peer recognition
  • Social recognition
  • Activity tracking
  • Performance management

What's Available?

Badging Components

We understand that organisations require different layouts for their credentials, with different information included within the credential, whether that’s an actual result, outcome or target. If you have the data, we can build it into the credential. Our technology stack is agile and able to be customised for the requirement.

Intelligent Pathways

Clock CPD hours and automatically award badges for progression. We’ll have you up and running, managing and issuing your own badges. We’re 100% Australian owned and operated  and our teams are here to support you, when you need it!

Custom Integration

We understand that each business is different. We want your badging requirements to fit seamlessly into how you want to issue your badges. Our team of engineers have developed our technology so that it seamlessly integrates to ensure that your credentialing program is fit for purpose in your business, whether you are issuing 100 credentials or 5 million credentials.


We understand that brand identity is important for organisations, so we make sure that your brand is front and centre on all that we do. Shared badges carry the organisation’s branding with a strategy designed behind each to convert an interested observer into a new customer.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQS - Organisations

Learning Vault is an education company with a multitude of education-based products. Learning Vault aims to inspire creative and entrepreneurial leaders for the knowledge-based economy. Our goal is to help you develop the next generation of highly-skilled, highly sought-after, informed and creative professionals. The largest area of growth in our business is our digital badging platform – the first Australian owned digital credentialing agency in the country.

Digital Credentials are a virtual recognition for any form of educational achievement. Every digital credential given or received on our platform documents an accomplishment, such as a skill, milestone or new role. It includes evidence and criteria, and it tells a story about who gave the credential and what you achieved.

Anyone can earn digital credentials for their accomplishments. Each person can use Learning Vault to manage their own credentials, and decide where and how to display achievements across a range of settings — from a personal blog or digital resume, to social networking profiles and job boards.  

A digital badge is a way to make those digital credentials more visible. Each credential is represented by an image called a digital badgeCombined with the evidence and information about the achievement and who recognised it, a digital badge changes the way employers, instructors, peers and communities of shared interest spot relevant talent.

Preparing digital credentials is easy. Anyone can design, assemble and issue a digital credential in minutes. Get in touch for more information

Yes, of course you can. We teach you how to do this with our comprehensive onboarding process.

It’s easy to open an account with us and start issuing credentials for accomplishments, simply get in touch with our team today.

A digital credential is an electronic file with uniquely embedded data. This embedded data is verified in real-time. Digital badges cannot be copied or tampered with.

Yes, you can put an expiration on digital credentials, so that the digital credential automatically expires after a given period of time.

You can send an automatic email to every person that has received that digital credential advising them that there’s been an update to the requirements within that page.

Yes, any digital credential that has been issued by an organisation can be revoked by that issuing organisation. This can be for any reason identified by the organisation.

FAQs - Learners

A digital badge provides employers and peers with a description of the certification, as well as a list of the skills and criteria required to earn the credential.

Shortly after earning your credential, whatever that may be, you will receive an email notification with instructions for claiming your digital badge and setting up your account.

You can access the digital badge platform any time by clicking on the ‘Digital Badges’ link in your email or by logging into the platform.

Yes. If you don’t want to make your digital badge public, you can easily configure your privacy settings in the digital badge platform. You’re in complete control of your information.

Your digital badge is an electronic file with uniquely embedded data. This embedded data is verified in real-time. Digital badges cannot be copied or tampered with.

You can share your digital badge to social media platforms (like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook), over email, embedded in a website, in your email signature and more. Simply click the ‘Digital Badges’ link in your certification record to get started.

Issuers that put an expiration on their credentials, particularly for professional development based organisations, the certifications will automatically expire in line with the dates set out by the issuer.

To find out more or learn about Learning Vault’s Micro-Credential and Digital badge offerings, please enquire below.