We transform, customise and create the learning experience. ​

At Learning Vault we not only create content for our partners, but also custom content for new clients. 

We can create brand new content, take traditional offline courses and adapt them for the ever-changing online environment; update your existing e-learning products and courses; or simply spruce up your online learning environment with rich media and content.

We take care of it all, from the initial chat to full execution!

We write, shoot and design just for you.

Your content should look,  sound and feel like it’s yours – and no one else’s. With our in-house team we can shoot dynamic video and stills content to engage your learners on a creative level, as well as customise the design of the content to ensure it fits with your brand and tone-of-voice!

How it works

We have a strategic meeting to discuss the content you want developed or adapted, the purpose it will serve and who the audience is;

We’ll come back with a proposal on how Learning Vault can best lend its expertise to executing on the brief;

We’ll engage our writers, content creators, programmers, designers and creatives to deliver best-in-class content for your audience that is on brand, and on budget.

We do it all!

End-to-end we’ve got you covered, so let’s get cracking. Please contact our team on bespoke@learningvault.com.au or 1300 662 443  to get the custom content ball rolling.

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