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How We Curate Awesome Learning Content

Posted 25th February 2017 admin
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As anyone who has compiled learning resources before will know, there’s an art to curating content so it is clear, relevant and engaging for students. Take a look at our tried and tested methodology for building courses that teachers love to teach and students love to learn.

Sticking to compliance

First and foremost, we look at compliance and the requirements of the course in question including the performance criteria and assessment conditions of the units of competency. We also go beyond the training package requirements, to consider ACSF and AQF levels, Volume of Learning, and we conduct an in-depth analysis of the what the student looks like, and what the student needs to perform their work role. This framework provides a basic structure for our course and ensures we stay on the right path as we build and refine relevant content.

Casting the net wide

Our next step is to collect information that is appropriate to the course. We look to industry leading partners, industry best practices and the latest studies. This means we can provide every resource a student will need to move through their course with information that is current and correct.

Cutting out confusion and finding focus

From here, we begin to distil information into clear, accurate and concise blocks that students can absorb even while they’re on the move. That means consolidating data into downloadable text book excerpts, documents and slides written in plain English, assessed through manageable quizzes and short answer assessments.

Adding bite-sized video

In a recent Forrester Research report it was found that the training retention from one minute of video can be equal to about 1.8 million written words. That’s exactly why we create bite-sized video sections that help to introduce, explain and emphasise concepts. Video needs to be engaging and interesting too, which is why we invest in custom voiceovers and graphics to get the message across clearly.

Including case studies

We love using case studies in our content because they work so successfully. They place the student in a real-world situation and help them to apply the skills and knowledge they’ve gained to situations that they might experience in their future workplaces. It also helps that our team consists of industry-experienced educators who can provide realistic scenarios in this sense.

Refining and updating content

Learning isn’t a static process – it’s ongoing, particularly in industries such as business, customer service or leadership and management. We consistently refine our content so it’s always compliant and current with industry best practices.

To appreciate the full potential of interactive and up-to-date training resources, it’s best to see it in practice. To experience our modern Learning Vault content for yourself contact our team and request a demo today.