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Certificate IV in Business

An interactive and hands-on course that has an emphasis on customer service, and more advanced business activities including continuous improvement and risk management.

Learners develop skills and knowledge within a customer service focussed simulated environment. Each cluster takes learners through a variety of ‘real-life’ business scenarios, focussing on the application of higher level business skills to achieve organisational and team objectives.

  • Intelligent clustering of units that bring together related workplace tasks and activities in a common-sense way
  • Assessments based on a simulated ‘story’ that takes learners through workplace scenarios and activities in a way that builds on business skills in a logical sequence
  • Extensive workplace documentation including policy and procedure, organisational customer service standards and strategies, workplace documentation and realistic planning tools
  • A focus on developing and improving processes and service delivery to achieve organisational objectives
  • Visually appealing and easy to use platform that provides variety in learning and assessment approaches
  • Practical assessment tools that require the ‘application’ of skills through the completion of appropriate workplace documentation and projects
  • Tightly mapped assessment tools that ensure all aspects of the training package are covered, and easily identified for validation or audit
  • Clearly benchmarked assessment tools that ensure consistent and reliable assessment decisions
  • An assessment rubric that provides students with clear guidance on the requirements of each task and recognises learners who submit high quality work
10 Students 100 Students 250 Students 1,000 Students 3,000 Students 5,000 Students Paper-based Materials
Pricing (per license) $290 $280 $270 $250 $225 $200 $350

*For packages over 100 student licenses, installment payment options are available.