Career Pathways

Your career pathways and future opportunities

What you study today can open doors tomorrow.
Business and management now have vastly wider applications than the traditional scope. Whether you have a great idea for a start-up, the desire to run your own store or business or are looking to expand into ecommerce, having the right business skills and confidence can make that dream into a successful reality. Employers all over Australia seek people who have a good head for business and the ability to lead with intelligence, insight and instinct. No matter where you plan on going next, the team at M College will help you gain the Business or Leadership and Management Diploma that could take you there.

The value you’ll gain through our Business or Management courses

You’ll gain a wide variety of skills and tools through our Diplomas of Business and Leadership and Management online, from implementing business strategies and performing risk management to managing teams and organisations. These abilities can open you up to a whole new world of career options. You could be an executive assistant, an office manager, a program coordinator, a senior administrator or even an executive officer. If you were born to lead, you could be well suited to become an office co-ordinator, a project manager, a team leader or an operations manager. Equipped with a Diploma or Dual Diploma in Leadership and Management + Business, these options could be yours.

University next? The option’s open.

An online Diploma with M College can be the ideal stepping stone into further study. We enjoy unique relationships with universities that allow our graduates to move seamlessly into further education as second year students in many Bachelor Degree programs. Our Diploma’s are nationally recognised by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). Want to know more? Visit our University Credits page or contact us.