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Throughout all of our BSB resources, students take on a variety of roles within our fully simulated fictitious business, The Righteous Bean. Students are provided with complete practical and ‘hands-on’ assessments to apply their learning in a tactile way.

Students are challenged with ‘real-life’ problems that are solved by applying the learning that is built throughout the course. The units provides learners with higher level business and management scenarios that provide opportunities for learners to develop innovative solutions and detailed plans, that have a direct impact on the direction of the simulated business.

Our courses are developed to focus on developing and applying skills and knowledge across a range of business functions including human resources, strategic marketing, quality management and financial planning.


  • Full immersion in a simulated environment to ensure that the student experience is centered around the vocational outcome
  • Assessments based on a simulated ‘story’ that takes learners through a variety of workplace roles and key business operations
  • Consistent characters and workplace objectives that provide interesting and practical experiences and application of skills
  • Extensive workplace documentation including policy and procedure, strategic and operational plans, workplace documentation and organisational financial records
  • Focus on human resources, strategic marketing, quality systems and organisational performance
  • Visually appealing and easy to use platform that provides variety in learning and assessment approaches
  • Practical assessment tools that require the ‘application’ of skills through the completion of appropriate workplace documentation and tasks
  • Tightly mapped assessment tools that ensure all aspects of the training package are covered, and easily identified for validation or audit
  • Clearly benchmarked assessment tools that ensure consistent and reliable assessment decisions

Certificate III in Entrepreneurship and New Business

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Certificate III in Business

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Certificate IV in Business

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Certificate IV in Leadership and Management 

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Diploma of Business

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Diploma of Leadership & Management

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Advanced Diploma of Business

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Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management

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