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4 Problems Faced by Online Students (with Solutions!)

Online learning opens up an incredible array of courses and options, but it can also throw up some common problems for students. Here’s how they can be addressed. Problem 1: Your students can’t access resources easily. If your course resources such as learning material, videos and tests aren’t ea...
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Making the Most of Discussions in Your LMS

Contributing to and reading through forums related to course content can help you and your students to clarify topics, introduce interesting new angles and expand on course concepts. Here’s how you and your trainers can make the most of the forum functionality (labelled as Discussions) within your Learning ...
Why We Choose Canvas for Our Training Content1

Why We Choose Canvas for Our Training Content

There’s a world of options for learning management systems out there, but we choose to build our courses using Canvas LMS for a number of reasons. Here’s how Canvas helps us continually develop a higher calibre of content. Canvas allows us to build our courses the way they should be. So many LMSs li...
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Does Your Content Appeal to All Learning Styles?

Humans are a diverse and interesting bunch. Just as our passions and interests vary, so do our learning methods. There are several commonly-accepted learning styles that help to provide some framework for those who are developing content and interestingly, online education can open up appeal and value for man...
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How to Ease Your Staff’s Transition to New RTO Content

Chances are, as soon as you announce you’ll be making a move to modern RTO resources your staff will sigh in relief. Content curation can be one of the more fiddly and frustrating aspects of running a training organisation, and the idea of never needing to worry about compliance again will be a welcome chan...
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5 Myths and Misconceptions About Training Content

There are a few common reasons that Australian RTOs have tended to steer clear of external training content in the past, but there is a new era of solutions available that solve these issues. Check out the most common myths about using RTO training resources and how these can be busted by choosing the right p...