About Us

We put the life back into learning...

Education should be innovative and engaging, and with Learning Vault that’s exactly what it is. We’re part of the new breed of higher education, supporting modern RTOs across Australia with fully compliant, hand-crafted course content.

With Learning Vault you can choose from flexible licences, then teach your own way using online video lectures, forums and mobile accessibility. You’ll get assistance and updates from an experienced and qualified team as well as the option of customised branding to make your mark.

With this flexibility and support, it’s no surprise that more Australian training organisations are choosing to educate with Learning Vault.

And now, some background...

Our extraordinary course content has been used successfully in the real world because it was originally developed for our very own training organisation. We’ve been meticulously refining these revolutionary teaching and assessment frameworks since 2012.

As word of our interactive and engaging content spread, we realised that more people could benefit from these streamlined resources if we made them available to other training organisations rather than running our own, so we created the Learning Vault. We expanded our course offerings, perfected our systems and haven’t looked back since.

Today, Learning Vault helps to unlock education for students of all ages, stages and industries across Australia.

Age, expertise and young flare…

The Learning Vault leadership team combines years of industry knowledge coupled with young flare, ensuring our learning content is both current and compliant, along with embracing all modern ways of learning and emerging technologies.

Key personnel


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Let’s take on the world

Learning Vault aims to inspire creative and entrepreneurial leaders for the knowledge-based economy. Our goal is to help you develop the next generation of highly skilled, highly sought-after, informed and creative professionals.

Australian businesses need graduates who can make an immediate impact, and our content is designed to help students do just that.

If you need resources that will keep up with your talented team of teaching staff, talk to the team at Learning Vault for your demo today.