5 Signs You Need to Outsource Your RTO Content, Stat!

Creating your own learning content can be one of the most complex and costly aspects of running an RTO. If your training organisation is experiencing any of these warning signs, it’s time to look to a more efficient and integrated solution.

Reason 1: Your teaching or financial resources are stretched

In many cases, curating, compiling and managing RTO content can take the equivalent of two full time staff. Factor that into your costs and it rapidly becomes clear why quality Learning content from an external provider can provide such good value. On top of this, your teaching staff may be brilliant at what they do but understandably unsure of how to make content engaging. Outsourcing the task removes this extra stress and responsibility and lets your trainers do what they do best – train.

Reason 2: Your students’ engagement levels are low

Far too many RTOs simply upload the equivalent of text book pages to an online platform and expect students to learn effectively with these. That’s a big mistake! Interactivity and multi-media learning are key to enjoying and retaining information, so if your content is anything other than exciting, it’s time to look to a more polished solution offering video, quiz and case study interaction.

Reason 3: It’s difficult to keep track of it all

We get it – keeping hold of textbook chapters, media marketing results and student/teacher communications can be a juggling act. You may even be using several software solutions or websites for videos, forums, assessments and more. Consider how much administration time and hassle you can save yourself with one modern solution that ties all of these things together.

Reason 4: Assessing student understanding is a struggle

It’s the retention of information that is a real indicator of success within an RTO, and if you have inefficient assessment methods then that will lead to confusing and inconsistent results for both teaching staff and students. Look for content that is provided with a standardised assessment rubric, and you will have an accurate understanding (and audit trail) of your students’ learning.

Reason 5: It’s a nightmare to keep up with compliance

This is a big one for many RTOs. Endless hours are spent ensuring your content covers everything, and even then there’s always a niggling feeling that you might have missed something. With the right external solution you can be certain that there are people dedicated to ensuring content stays compliant and current, so you can get on with the job of providing a great student experience.

If you are looking at any of these problems within your RTO, speak with the team at Learning Vault about unlocking great value, interactive educational resources.

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