5 Myths and Misconceptions About Training Content

There are a few common reasons that Australian RTOs have tended to steer clear of external training content in the past, but there is a new era of solutions available that solve these issues. Check out the most common myths about using RTO training resources and how these can be busted by choosing the right provider.

Myth 1: Getting started with eLearning content is too hardIt doesn’t need to be! By choosing an integrated content and platform offering you could be up and running within a week, even with customisation. Using an integrated system means that things work smoothly and your students will be able to access their resources and training staff easily. Look for a system that is intuitive to use with clear navigation and information hierarchy, and your staff won’t need endless hours of training.

Myth 2: RTO training content won’t match your styleThis is a reasonable misconception as some resources are written too simply, too technically or are simply too dull. We focus on creating interactive, highly focused content using everyday language. On top of this, you can customise your platform with your own logo, colours and custom URL, displaying consistent branding to your students. Your content will look, sound and feel like your own.

Myth 3: External training resources are expensiveAlong with your team, your training resources are the main things that your students will see and interact with as they work through their course. Modern, engaging and enjoyable training resources are an investment in your RTO’s branding and with online access they can be accessed without the traditional high cost. Look for a provider that offers reasonable and scalable pricing for your current and forecasted number of students, and you should well see the returns of that investment.

Myth 4: I can’t trust the quality or compliance of an outsourced service
We get it – there are some resource cowboys out there! There are several ways to spot a reputable training resource provider. First, their team should consist of experienced education and training professionals (like us!) who understand the usual frustrations.

Second, you should be able to experience a demo of the content and platform you’ll be using so you can get a feel if the quality is high enough. Third, ask them about how they stay on top of one of the single most important things for an RTO – compliance.

Myth 5: It’s impossible to mark someone else’s content. This can be an issue with some providers, with assessment depending heavily on the trainer’s individual judgement.

This can quickly lead to inconsistencies in assessments. It’s this exact frustration that led us to develop a standardised assessment rubric so marking and feedback is always on the same level. It results in less confusion and more clarity for everyone involved, and what’s not to love about that?

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