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5 Easy Ways to Make Your LMS Uniquely Yours

Posted 20th May 2017 admin
User Experience

One of the reasons that some Australian registered training organisations put off outsourcing their training content is the fact that the content might not look and feel like it belongs to their brand. As with any business, creating cohesive branding for an RTO is key to building your customer base and providing a consistent experience.

The great news is, it is possible to fully customise your external learning content with the right provider, and it doesn’t need to be difficult. Take a look through these five tips for customising your Learning Management System, all available with Learning Vault content.

Tip 1: Customise your web address

One of the key ways to make your external content feel like yours is to customise your URL, or web address. After all, this is the address that students will be typing into their app or their desktop address bar, so make it something memorable and simple.

Tip 2: Add your brand logo to the dashboard

Above all else you will want your RTO’s logo proudly displayed on your main login page and at the top of every page that your students are clicking to. This provides reassurance for your students, and with the platform that Learning Vault uses your logo will look fantastic against the clean white background.

Tip 3: Incorporate your own custom colours

This is another simple change that can make a world of difference. We can specifically match your RTO’s colours in the dashboard navigation bar so your logo will be complemented exactly the way it should be and your branding will be front and centre in the modern platform design.

Tip 4: Start discussions between students

Want to further your students’ understanding of their course and get them thinking more broadly? Encourage your training staff to create and contribute to forum discussions within your LMS platform. It’s easy for students and trainers to begin discussions and link to specific course content. A lively discussion area will create a supportive student experience that students are more likely to recommend to others.

Tip 5: Ensure instructor feedback is responsive

Nothing makes an LMS platform echo like an unanswered student question. Our content platform makes it incredibly easy for tutors to receive and respond to messages, so encourage your staff to make the most of this and provide the feeling that there is always support available.  

For every Learning Vault package over 250 students we include customisation for colour schemes, logo and custom web address with a quick turnaround so you can get started sooner. Think you might need extra customisation? Speak to the team and we’ll see what we can do.