4 Problems Faced by Online Students (with Solutions!)

Online learning opens up an incredible array of courses and options, but it can also throw up some common problems for students. Here’s how they can be addressed.

Problem 1: Your students can’t access resources easily.

If your course resources such as learning material, videos and tests aren’t easily available via a mobile platform then it’s time to rethink your content strategy. The other vital resource is that of trainers, tutors and assessors, so students need to be able to access them easily.

Solution: Intuitive desktop and mobile access with forum functionality.
Training content should be available for students to fit in around their life, and if you can’t offer this advantage then they’re likely to choose another RTO that does offer that flexibility. Easy forum and messaging functionality are also crucial so students can get help when and where they need it.

Problem 2: Students struggle to find the time to study.  

As you’ll know, many RTO students are studying while working or taking care of children. If they’re faced with a daunting pile of work to wade through they will likely never be able to set aside a time long enough to really focus and move all the way through. Plus, long sessions make it very easy to get lost and give up.

Solution: Fun-sized learning sections and assessments.

We break course content into smaller sections, each with a clear learning objective. This makes it super simple to study around work and life priorities, and students can remember where they left off last time. They can simply watch a ten minute video and answer a quiz, then supplement their learning with an additional textbook section.

Problem 3: It’s a challenge to stay motivated.

Completion rates are a huge problem with online learning. It’s easy for students to be motivated at the very beginning of their course, but after reading the 20th page of an online textbook it seems much more fun to go and watch a Game of Thrones marathon instead of studying!

Solution: Keeping content interesting, relevant and challenging.
Here’s where Learning Vault shines. We blend videos with session quizzes and additional resources to break lessons into manageable portions. All of our content is focused on real workplace challenges and scenarios, particularly our case studies that place the student in a problem-solving situation. Boredom begone!

Problem 4: Small confusions can lead to falling behind.

If students miss one important concept then it’s all too easy to fall behind with the rest of the course. Speaking up and asking for help can seem daunting or even worse, impossible if there is no easy access to training staff.

Solution: Regular assessments and easily accessible support.

Certain ‘safety nets’ help to address any early issues before they become bigger problems. If a student hasn’t grasped a concept, our regular assessments will help the trainer to flag the problem. In addition, it’s easy to message tutors through the system or to ask other students for their opinions via the forum function.

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